Latest results received:

MX1 17-Dec-18 St Ursulas v St Lukes A 6-3
M1 10-Jan-19 Beaufort Park v RWP 8-1
MX2 11-Jan-19 Imperial v Severnvale 3-6
MX1 17-Jan-19 Beaufort Park v St Lukes A 6-3


Latest results received:

MX1 6-Dec-18 Bishop Road v St Lukes A 1-8
MX1 12-Dec-18 St Lukes A v Chew Park 6-3
M1 10-Dec-18 Keynsham v Beaufort Park 0-9
M1 17-Dec-18 Keynsham v Avon Jets 5-4
MX1 20-Dec-18 Bishop Road v Beaufort Park 2-7
M1 21-Dec-18 Fry v RWP 8-1

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone


Results received this week:

M1 23-Nov-18 Severnvale v Keynsham 9-0
M1 25-Nov-18 Fry v Beaufort Park 6-3
MX1 26-Nov-18 St Ursulas v Bishop Road 8-1
M1 28-Nov-18 RWP v Avon Jets 5-4


Latest results received:

MX1 9-Nov-18 Chew Park v St Lukes A 4-5
M1 9-Nov-18 Severnvale v Beaufort Park 3-6
MX1 11-Nov-18 St Lukes A v Beaufort Park 6-3
M1 14-Nov-18 RWP v Keynsham 8-1
MX2 16-Nov-18 Imperial v Tetbury 6-3
MX2 21-Nov-18 St Lukes B v Tetbury 5-4


Results received this week:

M1 17-Oct-18 RWP v Severnvale 3-6
MX1 25-Oct-18 Bishop Road v Chew Park 5-4
M1 26-Oct-18 Severnvale v Avon Jets 9-0


Here are the results received for past two weeks:

M1 8-Oct-18 Keynsham v Fry 1-8
M1 9-Oct-18 Avon Jets v RWP 3-1
MX1 15-Oct-18 St Ursulas v Beaufort Park 7-2
MX2 18-Oct-18 Tetbury v Severnvale 2-7
M1 18-Oct-18 Beaufort Park v Avon Jets 9-0

The sharp eyed reader will note that in one match only 4 rubbers were played, due to both teams only fielding two pairs!