Final season’s results have been received:

MX1 30-Mar-17 Chew Park v Tetbury 0-9 WO
MX2 3-Apr-2017 Bishop Road v St Ursulas 6-3
MX2 9-Apr-17 Bishop Road v Severnvale 4-5
MX2 11-Apr-17 St Lukes B v Imperial 5-4

Congratulations to this year’s league winners:

MX1  –  St. Lukes A

MX2  –  St. Ursulas

Mens 1  – Fry

Mens 2  – RWP

Have a good summer break and see you at our next AGM on Weds 13th September.



Results received this week:

M2 21-Mar-17 Avon Jets v RWP 2-7
MX2 26-Mar-17 St Ursulas v Severnvale 6-3
MX1 29-Mar-2017 St Lukes A v Frampton 8-1
M1 29-Mar-2017 Severnvale v Tetbury 9-0

Three divisions winners have now been decided, congratulations to St. Lukes A – MX1, Fry – Mens D1 and RWP – Mens D2


Results received this week:

M2 10-Mar-17 Keynsham v Frampton 5-4
MX2 10-Mar-17 Imperial v St Lukes B 6-3
MX1 15-Mar-17 Frampton v Beaufort-Park 1-8
M1 16-Mar-17 Tetbury v Beaufort-Park 3-6


Results received this week:

MX1 9-Feb-17 Beaufort-Park v Chew Park 2-7
M1 12-Feb-17 St Lukes v Severnvale 5-4
M2 14-Feb-17 Avon Jets v Frampton 7-2
MX1 16-Feb-2017 Tetbury v Chew Park 0-9


Results received this week:

MX1 27-Jan-17 Chew Park v St Lukes A 8-1
MX1 1-Feb-17 Frampton v St Lukes A 1-8
M2 1-Feb-17 RWP v Avon Jets 6-3
M1 2-Feb-17 Beaufort-Park v Severnvale 6-3
M1 2-Feb-17 Tetbury v Fry 0-9


Results received this week:

M1 19-Jan-17 Beaufort-Park v St Lukes 4-5
MX1 22-Jan-17 St Lukes A v Beaufort-Park 8-1
MX2 22-Jan-17 St Ursulas v St Lukes B 8-1
M2 25-Jan-17 Frampton v RWP 1-8
MX2 26-Jan-17 Bishop Road v St Lukes B 7-2