Results received this week:

M1 17-Oct-18 RWP v Severnvale 3-6
MX1 25-Oct-18 Bishop Road v Chew Park 5-4
M1 26-Oct-18 Severnvale v Avon Jets 9-0


Here are the results received for past two weeks:

M1 8-Oct-18 Keynsham v Fry 1-8
M1 9-Oct-18 Avon Jets v RWP 3-1
MX1 15-Oct-18 St Ursulas v Beaufort Park 7-2
MX2 18-Oct-18 Tetbury v Severnvale 2-7
M1 18-Oct-18 Beaufort Park v Avon Jets 9-0

The sharp eyed reader will note that in one match only 4 rubbers were played, due to both teams only fielding two pairs!


A reminder that our next AGM details are:

Wednesday 19th September 2018

7.30 p.m.


BAWA (Room 4), Southmead Road, Filton

Clubs, if you know what teams you are entering next season then please let me or Alan know.


Final results have been received:

MX1 13-Apr-18 Chew Park v St Ursulas 2-7
MX2 18-Apr-18 St Lukes B v Bishop Road 2-7
MX1 26-Apr-18 Beaufort-Park v St Lukes A 7-2
Final 29-Apr-18 Fry v Beaufort-Park 6-3

Congratulations to Fry on winning the Mens Division.

Have a good season and see you all at our AGM on 19th September


Nearly there, congratulations to St. Ursulas on winning Mixed Div 1, and to Bishop Road on winning Mixed Div 2. The Mens has reached the Final stage. So, latest results are:

SF1 6-Apr-18 Fry v Severnvale 6-3
SF2 5-Apr-18 Beaufort-Park v Tetbury 6-3
MX2 6-Apr-18 Imperial v St Lukes B 5-4
MX1 8-Apr-18 St Ursulas v St Lukes A 6-3
MX2 11-Apr-18 Severnvale v St Lukes B 8-1


Latest results received:

MX2 15-Mar-18 Bishop Road v Imperial 8-1
MX1 25-Mar-18 St Ursulas v Beaufort-Park 5-4
MX1 28-Mar-18 St Lukes A v St Ursulas 4-5

The men’s playoffs are scheduled as follows:

SF1 6-Apr-18 Fry v Severnvale
SF2 5-Apr-18 Beaufort-Park v Tetbury