Results received this week:

MX1 9-Feb-17 Beaufort-Park v Chew Park 2-7
M1 12-Feb-17 St Lukes v Severnvale 5-4
M2 14-Feb-17 Avon Jets v Frampton 7-2
MX1 16-Feb-2017 Tetbury v Chew Park 0-9


Results received this week:

MX1 27-Jan-17 Chew Park v St Lukes A 8-1
MX1 1-Feb-17 Frampton v St Lukes A 1-8
M2 1-Feb-17 RWP v Avon Jets 6-3
M1 2-Feb-17 Beaufort-Park v Severnvale 6-3
M1 2-Feb-17 Tetbury v Fry 0-9


Results received this week:

M1 19-Jan-17 Beaufort-Park v St Lukes 4-5
MX1 22-Jan-17 St Lukes A v Beaufort-Park 8-1
MX2 22-Jan-17 St Ursulas v St Lukes B 8-1
M2 25-Jan-17 Frampton v RWP 1-8
MX2 26-Jan-17 Bishop Road v St Lukes B 7-2


It is with great sadness that we announce the sad news of the passing away of Malcolm Dover, a long standing member of Severnvale Badminton Club and who also played Vets badminton. The League wishes to offer its sincere condolences to his wife, Judith, his two sons Christopher, Stephen, grandchildren and the rest of his family.