Latest results received:

MX1 18-Feb-18 St Ursulas v Tetbury 7-2
MX1 23-Feb-18 Chew Park v St Lukes A 1-8
M1 28-Feb-18 Severnvale v RWP 5-4

The Mens play-offs are:

SF1 Fry v Severnvale
SF2 Beaufort-Park  v Tetbury


Latest results received:

MX1 8-Feb-18 Tetbury v St Lukes A 3-6
M1 8-Feb-18 Beaufort-Park v RWP 7-2
M1 15-Feb-18 Tetbury v Severnvale 5-4

The Mens division must await the result of the final fixture (SV v RWP)  on 28th Feb before playoffs can be decided.


Results received this week, including two conceded matches:

MX1 18-Jan-18 Tetbury v St Ursulas 3-6
M1 25-Jan-18 Beaufort-Park v Frampton 9-0 C
M1 28-Jan-18 Fry v Tetbury 9-0 C


Results received this week:

MX2 12-Jan-18 Imperial v Severnvale 5-4
MX1 18-Jan-18 Beaufort-Park v Chew Park 6-3
MX2 18-Jan-18 Bishop Road v St Lukes B 7-2


Results received this week:

M1 7-Jan-18 Fry v Avon Jets 9-0
M1 9-Jan-18 Avon Jets v Severnvale 4-5
MX1 11-Jan-18 Beaufort-Park v Tetbury 5-4


Latest results received:

MX2 20-Dec-17 Severnvale v Bishop Road 1-8
M1 3-Jan-18 Frampton v Fry 0-9
MX2 4-Jan-18 Bishop Road v Severnvale 8-1


Latest results received:

MX2 19-Nov-17 St Lukes B v Imperial 3-6
M1 29-Nov-17 Frampton v Avon Jets 5-4
MX2 1-Dec-17 Imperial v Bishop Road 4-5
MX1 1-Dec-17 Chew Park v Beaufort-Park 7-2