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Hey {guys|men|people} I’m Jeff Rizzo from Riz news calm today we’re doing {a review|an evaluation} of the stop my {mattress|bed mattress} let’s get to it [Music] all right so just for {starters|beginners} I {should|ought to|must|need to} {tell|inform} you that we{‘ve| have actually} done a full-length {written|composed} {review|evaluation} about Sava all their beds and I’ll {try|attempt} to {link|connect} that down below in the description I {think|believe} you’ll {find|discover} it {very|extremely|really} {helpful|useful|valuable|practical|handy} I am gon na go {a little bit|a bit} quicker {because|since|due to the fact that} it’s a video I {think|believe} if You’re open minded you {know|understand} this video will have {everything|whatever} you {need|require} {but|however} if it {doesn’t|does not} {check|inspect|examine} down below in the description {also|likewise} satva {used|utilized} to {never|never ever} {offer|provide|use} {discounts|discount rates} for any sort of {promotion|promo} {sometimes|in some cases|often} now they do {very|extremely|really} {infrequently|rarely|occasionally} if we {find|discover} one though I’ll {try|attempt} to {link|connect} that down below in the description for you so {make sure|ensure|make certain} to {check out|have a look at|take a look at} {everything|whatever} in the text {below|listed below} the video screen and if you {find|discover} the video {helpful|useful|valuable|practical|handy} we would {really|truly|actually}

{appreciate|value} A thumbs up you {know|understand} our {entire|whole} {team|group} puts this out {for free|free of charge|totally free} and we work {extremely|incredibly|very|exceptionally} {hard|difficult|tough} {nobody|no one}’s {telling|informing} us what to {say|state} about any of these beds we {review|evaluate|examine} them {independently|separately|individually} we would {really|truly|actually} {appreciate|value} your thumbs up that would be that would be {awesome|incredible|amazing|remarkable} so the {way|method} we’re gon na structure this {review|evaluation} is we’re going to {talk about|discuss|speak about} {the things|the important things} that we like and we {don’t|do not} like {but|however} we’ll {kind of|type of|sort of} go {category|classification} by {category|classification} so we’re gon na {talk about|discuss|speak about} the policies the {construction|building|building and construction} Feel firmness who we {think|believe} it{‘s good for| benefits} in the {way|method} of sleeping positions couples all that {stuff|things} let’s {start|begin} with policies though so if you {bias|predisposition} off {a mattress|a bed mattress} {nine|9} times out of {ten|10} in fact {probably|most likely} {nine|9} point {nine|9} times out of {ten|10} you’ll be buying it online through their {website|site} I’ll {link|connect} it down below in the description they {offer|provide|use} what’s called White Glove {delivery|shipment} and it’s by default and it’s {free|totally free|complimentary} so you’re not gon na pay anything {extra|additional} for it {and that|which} {means|implies|indicates|suggests} That {rather than|instead of} FedEx or UPS or DHL or the Postal Service bringing the {mattress|bed mattress} to your {house|home} and dropping at your doorstep they {actually|really|in fact} {use|utilize} a network of {regional|local} {carriers|providers} and the {mattress|bed mattress} {shows up|appears} full-size so {a professional|an expert} moving {company|business} is going to bring it by they’ll card it up your stairs or your elevator or whatever you {need|require} they will set it up for you and they will even {remove|eliminate} your old {mattress|bed mattress} {for free|free of charge|totally free} so I {kind of|type of|sort of} like White Glove {Delivery|Shipment} {because|since|due to the fact that} {humans|people|human beings} {are lazy|slouch} and you {don’t|do not} {have to|need to} do anything and I can see a case for {people|individuals} that are you {know|understand} {nervous|anxious|worried} about {setting up|establishing} the {mattress|bed mattress} or if you have any health conditions {maybe|perhaps|possibly} you {want|desire} {someone else|another person|somebody else} to do it so that’s {offered|provided|used} {for free|free of charge|totally free} by default and there’s no setup {process|procedure} {really|truly|actually} on your part once the {mattress|bed mattress} is on your bed frame it is ready to go so with {a lot of|a great deal of} these other bed in a box {mattresses|bed mattress} they take a day {or two|or more|or 2} to {fully|completely|totally} {expand|broaden} that’s not The case with Safa they {also|likewise} {give|provide|offer} you 100 20 nights to try it out so look you have {four|4} months I {think|believe} that’s {more than enough|sufficient|ample} time I {said|stated} this in other videos {but|however} I {think|believe} you’ll {probably|most likely} have {an inkling|an idea|a notion|a hint} of {whether or not|whether} you {want to|wish to} keep it or return it in the {first|very first} {couple of|number of} days {but|however} then you {should|ought to|must|need to} {give|provide|offer} it a month {or two|or more|or 2}

to try it out and {allow|enable|permit} your body to {adjust to|adapt to|get used to} the {mattress|bed mattress} so {four|4} months {more than enough|sufficient|ample} time if you {Choose|Select|Pick} to return it it {actually|really|in fact} does {come with|include|feature} {a small|a little} I {think|believe} they call it a handling or {a transportation|a transport} {fee|charge|cost} it’s $99 it cost more to {ship|deliver} this {mattress|bed mattress} and {a lot of|a great deal of} other beds so you {know|understand} they charge {a small|a little} {fee|charge|cost} for you to {actually|really|in fact} return it {but|however} you can return it inside those {first|very first} 120 nights the {warranty|guarantee|service warranty} on it is 15 years if you get satva HD which is their {model|design} that’s {made for|produced} {especially|particularly|specifically} heavy {people|individuals} that’s {extra|additional} {burly|big} honest-to-goodness is {probably|most likely} the {Nicest|Best} online {mattress|bed mattress} we{‘ve| have actually} ever {tested|evaluated|checked} that is a twenty year {warranty|guarantee|service warranty} {and then|and after that} their premium air bed Sophos oler has a 25-year {warranty|guarantee|service warranty} so that’s the policies now I {want to|wish to} {sat1} {talk about|discuss|speak about} the {price|cost|rate} of Safa {because|since|due to the fact that} I {think|believe} that’s you {know|understand} {one of|among} the {big|huge} {reasons|factors} {people|individuals} get it {because|since|due to the fact that} it’s {a great|a fantastic|a terrific|an excellent} {value|worth} so this is an innerspring {mattress|bed mattress} I {think|believe} if you were to buy it in store be you {know|understand} north of $2,000 {somewhere|someplace} around there it{‘s about| has to do with} $1,100 for a queen which is {really|truly|actually} {Really|Truly|Actually} {affordable|inexpensive|economical|budget-friendly|cost effective|budget friendly} just as an example put it up against you

{know|understand} ELISA {mattress|bed mattress} that’s right around a thousand {as well|also|too} that’s an all foam bed for about a thousand this is you {know|understand} {a super|a very|an incredibly|an extremely} {durable|resilient|long lasting} you {know|understand} {supportive|helpful|encouraging} pillow {top|leading} {mattress|bed mattress} inner spring {mattress|bed mattress} for around $1,100 so {pretty good|respectable} I’m {pretty|quite} dang {good|great|excellent} I’ll {link|connect} it for you down below in the description what’s inside Safa I {mentioned|discussed|pointed out} that it’s an inner spring {mattress|bed mattress} and a pillowtop {mattress|bed mattress} It’s both of those things so it does have inner Springs at the bottom then it’s {transitions|shifts} {up to|as much as|approximately} like {individually|separately} {pocketed|stolen|swiped|filched|taken} coils has {a little bit|a bit} of memory foam then has this {really|truly|actually} {nice|good|great} pillowtop cover so it’s {actually|really|in fact} a Euro Top it’s {made of|made from} {organic|natural} cotton and you’ll {notice|discover|observe|see} if you {kind of|type of|sort of} press on it it {just|simply} has this {really|truly|actually} light and airy and fluffy quality to it so it{‘s one of| is among} my {favorite|preferred} covers on any {mattress|bed mattress} or {again|once again} {organic|natural} cotton so it smells {very|extremely|really} Earthy and {nice|good|great} and it has a pillow {top|leading} {style|design} feel so I {think|believe} {a lot of|a great deal of} {people|individuals} tend to like pillowtop {mattresses|bed mattress} {because|since|due to the fact that} they have that nestled in quality they tend to be more {luxurious|elegant|glamorous} and {durable|resilient|long lasting} beds and they have that {feather|plume} soft pillow that {a lot of|a great deal of} {people|individuals} myself included you {know|understand} tend to {really|truly|actually} like in fact I {think|believe} {somebody|someone} on our {team|group} {actually|really|in fact} sleeps on a Safa {mattress|bed mattress} so {one thing|something} I do {want to|wish to} {point out|explain|mention} {though|however} is that we have the 14 and a Half inch {model|design} we {also|likewise} have the 11 and a half inch {model|design} it {won’t|will not} cost you {extra|additional} to get one or the other and {really|truly|actually} you’re not gon na {notice|discover|observe|see} the {difference|distinction} in {terms of|regards to} feel it’s {mostly|mainly|primarily} {aesthetic|visual} do you {want|desire} a thicker {mattress|bed mattress} do you {want|desire} a thinner {mattress|bed mattress} it {really|truly|actually} {doesn’t|does not} matter {but|however} they do {offer|provide|use} the 11 and a half and the 14 and a half inch and this is {a big|a huge} thing for satva they {offer|provide|use} {three|3} {different|various} firmness levels so they have the {plush|luxurious} soft my {favorite|preferred} I’m More of a side sleeper that’s this {particular|specific} {model|design} it’s

{tremendously|significantly|greatly|enormously} {comfortable|comfy} it has that {plush|luxurious} {again|once again} nestled in pillow top I {think|believe} if you’re a side sleeper {or even|and even|or perhaps} {a combination|a mix} sleeper the {plush|luxurious} soft is the {way|method} to go I {consider|think about} that I {don’t|do not} {know|understand} {right|best|ideal} around {maybe|perhaps|possibly} a 5 out of 10 on the soft affirm scale closer to a medium {and then|and after that} if you step up to the {luxury|high-end} {firm|company} that’s {actually|really|in fact} the most popular one they make we consider it {right|best|ideal} Around a 7 out of 10 {somewhere|someplace} around there about a medium {firm|company} {and then|and after that} if you get the {firm|company} {model|design} that’s {properly|correctly|appropriately|effectively} firm I have {a friend|a buddy|a pal|a good friend} that {actually|really|in fact} sleeps on that in Virginia and he’s {exclusively|solely|specifically} a stomach sleeper so if you’re a stomach sleeper or a back sleeper and you {want|desire} {a truly|a really|a genuinely} firm {mattress|bed mattress} check out satva {firm|company} otherwise I {think|believe} that {luxury|high-end} {firm|company} makes {a lot of|a great deal of} sense {but|however} I {think|believe} it’s {really|truly|actually} {nice|good|great} that safa {Offers|Provides|Uses} the {three|3} {different|various} {firms|companies} levels {because|since|due to the fact that} you can {choose|select|pick} whichever one you {think|believe} will work for you and {again|once again} they{‘ve| have actually} got one that will work for side sleepers in {pretty much|practically|basically} all positions one that’s {a little bit|a bit} firmer that’s {intended|meant|planned} for {combination|mix} sleepers back and stomach sleepers and one that’s {extra|additional} {firm|company} and we{‘ve| have actually} done {a lot of|a great deal of} videos about {sofa|couch} I {think|believe} we{‘ve| have actually} done some {specifically|particularly} about the firmest levels and I’ll {try|attempt} to put that in the Description for you {as for|when it comes to} what the bed {feels like|seems like} they’re all going to feel {very|extremely|really} {similar|comparable} like {a super|a very|an incredibly|an extremely} {sat1} {supportive|helpful|encouraging} pillow {top|leading} {mattress|bed mattress} you {know|understand} if you get the softer {model|design} it’s {obviously|certainly|undoubtedly|clearly} gon na have {a little bit|a bit} more cushioning {but|however} the {overall|general|total} feel isn’t gon na {change|alter} much it {doesn’t|does not} {feel like|seem like} a gel memory foam mattress it {doesn’t|does not} {feel like|seem like} like a neutral foam {mattress|bed mattress} it {doesn’t|does not} {feel like|seem like} {an air mattress|a blow-up mattress} {just like|much like|similar to} a calm the fluffy pillowtop bed now if you do {End up|Wind up} getting the firmer {models|designs} they will sleep {a little bit|a bit} cooler {and that|which}’s {because|since|due to the fact that} firmer beds in general sleep cooler so the {plush|luxurious} soft I {think|believe} will be {just|simply} {fine|great} it’s {temperature|temperature level} neutral {but|however} if you’re {an especially|a particularly|a specifically} hot sleeper you’re {better|much better} off {just|simply} in general getting a firmer bed {because|since|due to the fact that} you’ll {remain|stay} more on top of the bed you {won’t|will not} {kind of|type of|sort of} sink into it as much now the last thing I {want to|wish to} {talk about|discuss|speak about} is {whether or not|whether} Sava is {a good|a great|an excellent} bed for Couples spoiler alert I {think|believe} it is alright so when you’re {trying|attempting} to {choose|select|pick} a bed to make {two|2} {people|individuals} {happy|pleased|delighted} there’s a lot that you {need|require} to {consider|think about} right so {hopefully|ideally} the feel the firmness the {price|cost|rate} {certainly|definitely} the pricing the {durability|resilience|sturdiness|toughness} the {support|assistance} level if all of those boxes so to speak are {checked|inspected|examined} and you feel {comfortable|comfy} with Saba these other {two|2} things I

{think|believe} are going to be a breeze so one is edge {support|assistance} and it’s {only|just} {important|essential|crucial} if you’re sharing {a Smaller|a Smaller sized} size bed if you have {a full|a complete} or queen you will {definitely|certainly|absolutely} {want to|wish to} {pay attention to|take note of|focus on|take notice of} edge {support|assistance} {because|since|due to the fact that} it {refers to|describes} how strong the {perimeter|boundary|border} of the bed is with Safa it’s {fine|great} {don’t|do not} {worry about|stress over|fret about} edge {support|assistance} you’re {totally|completely|absolutely} {good|great|excellent} with regard to {motion|movement} {isolation|seclusion} which is {really|truly|actually} {important|essential|crucial} for {really|truly|actually} {really|truly|actually} light sleepers most {modern|contemporary|modern-day} beds are {good at|proficient at} this so it’s not {an issue|a problem|a concern} Savva is {pretty good|respectable} at deadening {motion|movement} {But|However} it’s {definitely|certainly|absolutely} not {the best|the very best} bed so I would {say|state} {most people|many people|the majority of people} are {good|great|excellent} unless you have {somebody|someone} that is {an extremely|an incredibly|a very|an exceptionally} light {extremely|incredibly|very|exceptionally} {sensitive|delicate} sleeper then you {might|may} {want to|wish to} bed that’s {entirely|completely|totally} {made of|made from} foam like lumen leaf which is {also|likewise} made by Sava so I do {think|believe} it’s {a fine|a great} bed for couples now {overall|in general} what do I {think of|think about|consider} Sava you {know|understand} dollars to doughnuts I {think|believe} it’s {a really|a truly|an actually} {nice|good|great} bed I {think|believe} it’s {a tremendous|a remarkable|an incredible|a significant} {value|worth} {a really|a truly|an actually} {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent}

{value|worth} I {think|believe} it’s {a very|an extremely|a really} {nice|good|great} bed It’s {luxurious|elegant|glamorous} it {probably|most likely} {should|ought to|must|needs to} cost more than it does I {wish|want} it had {totally|completely|absolutely} {free|complimentary} returns {but|however} I {think|believe} you {know|understand} like {most|many|a lot of|the majority of} {mattresses|bed mattress} you would {shop for|look for|purchase|buy} out there if you {know|understand} what you’re {getting yourself|obtaining} into you {probably|most likely} {won’t|will not} return it like {a lot of|a great deal of} these beds have you {know|understand} {below|listed below} 10% return rates so if you {want|desire} {a supportive|a helpful|an encouraging} pillow {top|leading} {mattress|bed mattress} I {think|believe} Sava {is one of|is among} your {best|finest} {options|choices|alternatives} {one of|among} your {best|finest} lower priced {options|choices|alternatives} like You {know|understand} I {think|believe} you {could|might} {spend|invest} eighteen hundred dollars and get a bed {similar|comparable} quality to Sabha and this one {sucked|drawn} eleven hundred for the Queen so it’s {really|truly|actually} {probably|most likely} gon na {come down|boil down} to do you {want|desire} the {supportive|helpful|encouraging} innerspring {mattress|bed mattress} do you like the pillow {top|leading} feel {and then|and after that} you {have to|need to} {narrow down|limit} your firmness {preferences|choices} that’s it have {a great|a fantastic|a terrific|an excellent} day {sat1}